Paramahamsa Vishwananda shows us how to build a living, loving relationship with God. You can experience an intimate connection with the Lord when you chant the Divine Names and offer devotional service with love.

‘The devotee should worship the Supreme Person in the particular personal form of the Lord the devotee finds most attractive.’
Srimad Bhagavatam


If we’re on the spiritual path, it is because our Beloved Lord is calling to remind us of our eternal relationship with Him.

Through chanting His Divine Name and offering devotional worship with love, you can invite Him to be part of your life. In this way, you get to enjoy the ultimate Lover-Beloved relationship with Him.

This is a living bhakti.


In the Hindu tradition it is said that, ‘If you believe a stone to be a stone, it will be a stone. But, if you believe it to be God, it will become God.’ Devotional service done with full faith invokes Divine presence into a deity.

Through a worship ritual called puja, we can enjoy the sweetness of caring for the Divine as we would any loved one. Bathing, dressing and feeding your Beloved, in your own unique style, allows you to express your love and enjoy the intimacy of sacred time together.


Sanskrit is a vibrational language that has been used in prayer rituals for thousands of years. The vibrational frequencies generated from chanting sanskrit mantras calms the mind and drops you into the heart where the Divine resides.

Each Divine Name invokes the presence of that form of Divinity. Chanting the Name of your Beloved draws Them closer so that you may enjoy Their company and They may enjoy your undivided attention.


Work is successful when God’s blessing is upon it. When the blessing is called down from heaven, one hour takes the place of a whole day’s labor. Community prayer is stronger than personal prayer, uplifting those who participate and all those they come in contact with.

Temple prayers are rich and actively engage the senses with colours, fragrances, sounds, tastes, and textures, all offered for the delight of the Lord who, in turn, showers His blessings upon everyone. Pray for humanity.


Take a little journey with Vandhanananda, our International Head Chanting Teacher Trainer. Along the way, you’ll be introduced to temple prayers, see the beauty of puja and learn more about how rituals help you cultivate a living relationship with the Divine. You’ll also meet a family who bonds with each other and God through rituals.