2022 year in review by Swamini VishwaPratibha Maa

It was an amazing week of events, with volunteers scattered around the area staying at Airbnbs and hotels. Guruji arrived with a full entourage of swamis and aids, all staying with Sairam and Bhayiravi!  The events were spectacular, and many new Canadians got their first taste of Sanatana Dharma: the Eternal Path.

The house in Pickering became a mini ashram as monastics, volunteers and guests swam in the energy of the Avatar, Paramahamsa Vishwananda. Musicians played, yajnas blazed, and karma took a holiday.

 On the day of the darshan, I was able to sit with three Atma Kriya Yoga students who had been taught online by various teachers, and give them their long awaited Main Kriya and Shaktipat. We couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at the fortuitous timing! 

The darshan crowd danced, sang, and for many, had their first interaction with Guruji. A group of very athletic young men were among the last to meet the Avatar. Apparently Guruji had met them in the hotel gym that morning and invited them to come! I was sitting at the front and watched them as they met Guruji. One by one they walked past me, eyes filled with tears, their hearts’ desires finally fulfilled.

The following Sunday,  I was blessed to perform the morning abhishekam with Bhayiravi in the newly inaugurated temple; officially named Rasamandalavasini Krishnapranadikapriyadevi Temple.  Canada, we are so blessed to have this energy anchoring us in the storms of the world. When Guruji was finally leaving Canada our Canadian Rishi Sambava heard Guruji say, “Canada has Ananda (joy, bliss)…Can-Ananda!”

 As a result of the newly formed friendships, I travelled to Montreal after Guruji’s visit and spent an amazing week at Chanchiladasi’s home. We had almost nightly OM Chanting circles, pot luck dinners with new people, and ultimately, an Atma Kriya Yoga course over the weekend. Two new Atma Kriya students were initiated, and three others took the refresher.  

One month later the CEO of a corporation flew me to Halifax to speak to her employees, and introduce them to this path. It was another amazing four days of new friendships. 

I am now back in Alberta feeling so full of love and gratitude. The 2023 calendar is filling up with visits to the east again, as well as Vancouver in the west. During my early years as a sannyas, I thought I would always live in India as a wandering sadhu. By the grace of the satguru: Paramahamsa Vishwananda, I came home. Canada is the most amazing country in the world, and I can’t wait to watch Bhakti Marga Canada grow.

Jai Gurudev.